16 February, 2010

The Holy Slippers

I do not remember what it is like to have a puppy and I am being reminded. I don't recall Trickster having chewn on anything like slippers. At least, not like this little monkey of ours. We've tried to be careful about putting things up and away. Quite obviously, not away enough for the Zeetz.

In the wee hours, I heard her chewing away diligently on something that was not her squeaky toy. Sure enough, I thought it was my slipper. She was as concentrated on eating that slipper as Sue was in making these beautiful slippers. A new, big hole in it. I had put one slipper I left on the floor up high last night. I guess she found that one I didn't find. My little surfer girl also found Don's on the kitchen counter and took a tiny bit out of the back of it. Okay, I don't know what it was doing there other than just keeping it out of her reach as unsuccessful as that was.

It turns out the slipper I thought she was chewing was not mine but Don's. Upon further inspection, it is quite a large, gaping hole which is probably an understatement. I'm not sure if it can be salvaged and that is probably an understatement, too, Sue, or, if it can, it will just look very, very well used! Perhaps some sort of stitching to pull the sides together and they would still be wearable which is all we want. It is so very sad. All that hard work, on Sue's part that is.

My one slipper can be repaired, I am told. Thank you, Sue!

Sue did remind me that I should be more careful. That was before Zeetz found some fresh home-made cinnamon dough on Sue's counter this past weekend. Too close to the edge perhaps : )

Having said all this, I consider myself lucky compared to MA. She has something new almost everyday that her puppies get into. Things that can be pretty expensive to replace and something things irreplaceable.

Zeetz is such a bright light. I'm thinking that Pyrs like Ben and Mr. Lou never had a chance. The aggressiveness was born into them through genetics and with Ben, improper socialization and neglect exacerbated it.

Little Lucylou just has such an interest in everything around her. Especially birds. She hears them, sees them and looks up and watches them with such curiosity. There isn't an aggressive bone in her body unless a dog challenges her first. Then, she starts up growling out of fear, no doubt. I'm going to send her to doggy day care occasionally so she can meet more dogs and play her little heart out.

She burst into Sue's house last Thursday night to stay there while we were away. I can only imagine what chaos she created while there. All Sue's and Mark's quiet faded until Sunday, when I picked the little munch up. Peace and calm restored once again.

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