11 February, 2010

Officially our Companion

Yaaah Zeeters!! I'm happy to announce this little girl is keeping us company for the rest of her life. Trickster will come to enjoy her friendship, too. I'm sure of it!

She is really a smart little Meringue and fitting in quickly.

We walked to the local sports store to replace Don's glove she decided was good chewing material. Well, she did have to buy the pair of gloves. If she chews another one, I hope it's the right one! She just loved the attention by the customers and this makes me so happy. She has met three dogs and never once growled at them but only wanted to play.

Soon, I'll walk her to the office to meet staff and the dog who goes there now. I'm hoping all goes well because that is where she will spend her weekdays, if she so chooses.

If we ever get more snow and I know we will, we'll head to the cottage and do a little cross-country skiing with her and Twicksta boy.

1 comment:

Maud said...

She is so cute! Congratulations.
And you know: Third time lucky.

I wish you a lot of happiness together.
She is just adorable, playing with all those toys.