26 January, 2010

This is Ziti

This is Ziti. This is her story:

This little girl was found wandering the roads of Tennessee at about six months old in September 2010. The caring souls who found her took her to the local veterinarian. From there, she was taken into foster care by Cher who bathed the mange away and gave her a wonderful start to a second chance in life. She was soon listed on the National Great Pyrenees Rescue site.

My friends, Maryanne and Sue, have been involved with rescues of their own and wanted to start fostering. There has been much discussion about bringing Pyrs up from the States because of heartworm but many feel that if it means saving a life then so be it. Heartworm is already here. We brought up Ziti, Marsha, Tristan and Isolde which in turn makes room for more discarded dogs in the already-full rescues in the States.

Maryanne and Sue were able to bring these dogs into their homes and give them the new beginning in life that they needed. It is far from an easy task bringing dogs with issues into your home. It takes much patience from all family members to help these dogs and I have extreme admiration for those who do foster. I see the toll it takes on Sue and Maryanne but they continue their work because they see how these dogs blossom. These dogs are then ready to move onto their forever homes.

It had been a struggle at times for me to decide to bring another rescue into our home. I had been to Sue's and hung out with her and her six dogs on several occasions and got to know Ziti. I liked her and she was pretty cute even if she was a bit of a scrapper.

She loves her stuffed toys and likes to play in the yard and it's even better if you go play with her although she can entertain herself. She loves to hang out with us. She is now nine months old.

Trickster's tail wagged a lot on first meeting. He soon wasn't so sure he wanted this puppy bothering him as she taunted him with her toys and rubbed against him in hopes he would play with her. As the day went on, he became more tolerant of her and perhaps thought she was just a crazy puppy.

Today, I have applied to adopt our little Zeets.


Anonymous said...

YEA!!!! :-) Lucky Ziti!!!! Thanks so much for welcoming this little sweetie into your heart and home...and thanks to Trickster, too!!!
Suzanne Phillips
Rochester, NY
National Great Pyrenees Rescue

Maud said...

Her story reminds me of Lot. She was found wandering in the forest. She was about 1 year old when she came to live with us.
But now that we have Noor and see how pyrs grow up we think that Lot might have been as young as 10 months when she came to us.

Good luck with her. And she is of course very lucky too