17 April, 2016

5 years for the ban to take affect.

PET STORE BYLAW - April 13, 2016

Today, Ottawa City Council voted 21 to 3 to amend Bylaw 2011-241 with respect to restricting the sale of cats and dogs sold for profit in Ottawa pet stores and retail outlets.

A five year transition period to an adoption-only model for Ottawa pet stores will take effect.
As well, a 48 hour cooling off period on purchases will take effect. This is to protect both consumers and animals in the case of consumers who buy on impulse and then experience buyers remorse.
In addition, pet stores will be required to provide, at the time of purchase, all breeder information to customers who purchase a dog or a cat.

We commend the 21 Councillors and Mayor for their support of this amendment and thank them for their efforts. We would like to particularly commend Councillors Leiper, McKenney, Brockington and Fleury for their passionate advocacy on this issue at Council today.

Rideau-Goulbourn Ward Councillor Scott Moffatt opposed all motions, proving that he is not concerned about the welfare and protection of animals.

There is still much work to be done and we encourage everyone to continue using their voice to promote education and awareness for all the animals that continue to suffer in mills at the hands of human cruelty.

We also encourage the last three (3) pet stores who continue to sell cats and dogs for profit to embrace a more ethical and responsible business model before the five year transition period expires, and to join the 51 Ottawa pet stores who already enjoy success with a better business model.

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