31 March, 2016

One More Push

The March 21st meeting at City Hall was impressive. The room was overflowing into the corridors. Supporters from Quebec and Cambridge came, too.

Please email councillors with your say on their recommendations. Councillors vote on April 13th at City Hall. Your attendance is welcome to show your support.
Here is a sample letter:

I urge councillors to take into consideration the following measures:
  1. Reinstate rabbits in the by-law – they are also sourced from anonymous irresponsible backgrounds;
  2. Reduce the transition time to two (2) years but preferably to a few months, instead of five (5) years.
  3. The transition period for the following Canadian cities was: 
    • Toronto   12 months
    • Kingston   3 months
    • Mississauga   6 months
    • Waterloo   4 months
    • The city-wide smoking ban was implemented in fewer than four (4) months. It impacted many more businesses, and they transitioned successfully.
    • Over 4,000 people in favour of the ban, including myself, do not shop at those three (3) pet stores because they sell dogs, cats and rabbits.
  4. Follow the adoption model presently in place for the other over 50 pet stores.
In the meantime, during the transitioning phase, consider these measures:
  1. Ensure that pet stores publicly display the name and location of all providers of animals. Any ethical/reputable breeder is proud to show you their animals, where they live, and educate you on their care and if that breed is suitable for your family.
    • The three (3) pet shops claim all of their breeders are licensed and reputable, but they refuse to provide verifiable evidence to consumers.
    • Consumers have to be confident that they are *not* purchasing a pet sourced from a puppy, kitten or rabbit mill, and there is no evidence to prove this at present. Again, no reputable ethical breeder will ever sell to pet stores.
  2. Introduce a mandatory cooling off period for all potential consumers so they take home a pet ONLY after a 48-hour period after signing a contract of purchase which will be refundable should a consumer reconsider their decision after the 48-hours.
    • This will address the impulse buying of these sentient beings, and, help prevent unwanted animals at the shelters and rescues and from being dumped.
  3. Publicly display by-law and regulatory services information, in the event of public complaints.
Please take into the account the welfare of these animals. You've heard the stories from professionals, including a veterinarian, people who have worked in pet stores, volunteers with rescues and shelters, and recipients of pet store animals.

Over 93% of Ottawa residents support an immediate outright ban during the public consultations. Please, listen to our voices.

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