10 January, 2016



Marlee was acquired from a farmer. Her person 'sold' her at eight months due to changes in her life. The person who acquired her then surrendered her to us due to allergies. We are very glad to have her. Unfortunately, she spent her six months with this woman, when outside, tied up by her pronged collar. The woman didn't know any better, I don't think. This is cruelty. Marlee had such good ground work in her life that she hasn't been affected by it.

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Thankfully, she was well-cared for by her first person. She sure knows her sit and down. The little liver treats do wonders. She is a lovebug. She is a very happy girl at 14-months old. She is about 80 pounds.

I took the prong off her right away and put another collar on her. I put the harness on to walk her since I couldn't tell how sensitive her neck was although she seemed okay. The red tinge around her scruff is a give away to the metal that was on her neck.

Her eyes already have a bit of red staining in the corners. I'm not sure why. Perhaps the food she was on.

When she came in the house, she was just a happy girl although, of course, stressed. She didn't sleep very well but when she did, she was out like a light. Hence, I got little sleep. Everytime I got onto the couch, she became very stimulated and got up with me but all over me. I had to get her back off and she settled in, again.
That's a smile! You can't miss the red/brown scruff.
Up in the morning to get ready for her transport to her potential adopters in Southern Ontario. We walked until she pooped. We came back and she ran like crazy in the yard. What a girl! Oh, yes, I did my usual nail trimming since they probably hadn't been done in six months. Especially the dew claws. A little dried liver and the dews were done. I needed some help which wasn't available right away to complete the rest of the nails but I did at least five others. Good girl, Marlee Mae.

She had a little to eat, drink and into the car she went.

Her potential adopters have much Pyr experience and fell in love with Marlee at first photo. I have spoken at length with them via Skype and they will provide the perfect home for this little girl. She has a Golden and a Rottie friend with whom to play and a beautiful securely fenced yard. She will also be spayed and micro-chipped by them which is extremely generous.

*UPDATE* With Chrystal and Susan running tandem transport, she arrived to her new family. She has fit in beautifully in her new home.  She went crazy playing with her new dog friends. Went for a walk with them and then went into a deep sleep. It's always such a huge day for a rescue dog going it a new home.

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