16 December, 2015



Zeetie knew a dog was coming in as soon as she saw me bring the gate in. The gate that separates her from the newbie. The gate that keeps her from bullying a new dog. Zeetie has gotten used to us bringing a new dog in, now, and doesn't make such a fuss, anymore.

Millie comes in. Zeetie stands at the gate and stares, waiting for the moment of eye contact so she can bark and growl at Millie through the gate. She wants to make sure Millie knows this is her house. I tell Zeetie to go lie down. She looks at me, slowly turns away and waits. I tell her, again. She grumbles and lies down ensuring she has a full view of Millie. Millie just wants to say hi.

This little girl came in from Nali Animal Orphanage and overnighted with us. Chrystal took her onto her foster in Southern Ontario the next day.

Naturally, she was very stressed with all the changes in her life. However, she did sleep right through the night right beside me. She was exhausted.

Millie was found wandering down the road. Nali took Millie in and subsequently adopted her out.
She only stopped panting heavily once in bed.
She went back to Nali after her barking, as so often happens, became too much for the neighbours after a year. They asked us to take her.

She is three years old and a small girl at about 75 pounds. She isn't great on a leash but that will come with time. She criss-crosses all over the place but I'll guess she didn't get walked a lot in her previous life.

I clipped her nails and did some grooming. Her previous people had probably had her shaven more than once rather than groom her. No decent groomer would have done this. NEVER shave a double-coated dog. They need their coats to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. If you don't like grooming or can't afford a groomer, do not get this breed.

I can see her going to a family who makes her part of their lives which means taking her in the car for trips with them (in conducive weather), lots of walks, hiking, play time with other dogs, and having her sleep at least in the same room with them.

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