08 February, 2015

Going with the Flow

Jasper continues to settle in and is getting used to being free in the house (after about the third dish of butter that he enjoyed and I think he has us trained to put it away). Nothing like exercise to have him learn how to deal with life. And, the bonus is that Zeetie is very good with him.
Ziti has mellowed somewhat.
It’s only been just over three weeks and his scratching has subsided already. The raw diet is working its magic along with the drugs, as he needs them. It will take up to three months for the residue of the kibble to leave his system.

I tried not crating him when I left the house for work but apparently, he paced and paced. So, back in the crate where he feels safe, and will go to sleep after five minutes of howling. He does need to go out for a pee after four hours or so.

It’s so important that anyone who comes in the house or meets him on the street NOT put their hands out to him. They need to just ignore him so he can sniff you out on his terms. I explain to people what to do but out goes their hand, and he backs up and will lunge and snap if someone insists on doing it. I told them.

How do you feel when a complete stranger reaches out to touch you and run their hand across you before you’ve even given them an acknowledgment? What is your first reaction? Social etiquette is usually that you speak to someone first and read body and facial language to find out where you stand with someone else. You wouldn’t even consider touching them. The same goes for dogs. I had stupidly made that mistake when the car opened and I put my hand in to say hello to him when he first arrived at our house. He backed off. So did I. I should have known better.
Out dark and early for a hike in the snow.
Mr. Goofball loves eating ice.
The neighbour’s dog has noticed the new kid on the block and start barking through the fence. Jasper was over at the fence in a moment. It’s the only side of the fence that has slats where they can see each other other and nose each other. And, the snow is high enough that he can stand with his front paws on top of the fence. Things got a little heated between them since the other dog is not at all socialized, and spends his time tied up and maybe walked once a week if he’s lucky.
All is quiet after a long hike.
When walking Jasper, he will leap at people if you don't keep him close by your side and pay attention to him. I'll take him by the collar just to make sure there is no leap room. He seems to feel safe this way, and we continue walking.

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