29 January, 2015

Jasper — Day 13

He has settled in nicely and is getting used to the routine. He doesn't have to follow us everytime we get up.

If I didn't already have two dogs and had more time, wow, this cutie patootie would be staying with me.

We keep him upstairs with us at night so he doesn't get into mischief. He's a 115 pound puppy who is now getting to live his puppyhood. He loves to throw his toys around and play with balls. He gets into all sorts if there is something for him to get into. He is very good with his nose and can open garbage lids, doors and gates if required. The counter is still the beholder of interesting things for him but as I sit here, he is upstairs and all is quiet. We have small breakthroughs everyday.

He made friends with some neighbours and spent his time on his back looking for belly rubs. There was also an 18-year old Golden Retriever with whom he wanted to play. The old guy sure wanted to play and is in great shape for his age but big boy is just a little too big and full of beans for him.

He isn't big on the post person and it was all I could do to hang onto him in the dark of the evening. Whereas Zeetie loves the post person since our former one (our neighbour) used to give every dog she saw treats. I'm going to find out if she has anything leftover that might make her look like the post person and do some training.

He still needs to be watched when he sees people. I take his collar  (leverage is too difficult with the leash) in my hand loosely and talk to him and keep him moving. I haven't had issues for the last couple of days (except for the post person which was not pretty). He will look and move on. We do not want to set this guy up for failure.

He needs someone who will take him on long walks everywhere and anywhere to adjust to the business of the world and anything deemed new to him. He requires continued socialization with strangers. And, getting to play with other dogs will be just perfect for him.

We have had no peeing in the house. We continue to crate him when we are away for his safety. He is crated no more than four hours at a time. He hasn't had to go out in the middle of the wee hours to pee except for last night. I forgot to take the water up after our evening walk.

He will howl when we leave the house for at least five minutes. As a Pyr, he is a big barker at all things deemed unknown out there.

I never thought I'd say this of Zeetie but she has been a good mentor for him regarding reaction to people. She loves people and he isn't sure about them on the streets.
We are heading out for a walk. We need a bigger entrance with this boy in the house.

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