13 September, 2014

Zeetie: My Little Butterfly

Cher fostered Ziti when she was brought in as a stray at about six months old in Tennessee. She fostered her for two months before Sue, Maryanne and I met transport in New York to pick up four dogs, one of whom was Ziti, from National Pyr Rescue for fostering in December 2009.

Sue and MA fostered two dogs each, all of whom were adopted. Ziti was one of Sue's Ottawa fosters. We adopted Ziti in February, 2010.

The National Pyr Rescue, while discussing another matter, kept this description of Ziti all these years and recently sent it to me within seconds of realizing I was Ziti's guardian, now.

My dirt pig.

If Zeetie were an insect, I'm sure she would be a butterfly, well, sort of.

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