20 August, 2014

Lovely Lily

She has been adopted!

This girl is a beauty. She had a tough start as a puppy mill breeder for the first two or three years of her life when the mill where she 'lived' was seized in Quebec. Lucky Lily was adopted by her people who did everything for her including house-training, training her how to walk on a leash, having a trainer help them with her, and showing her what a great place the world can be.

She has no aggression, loves adults and children and plays with other dogs at the park. She does take great joy in chasing the wildlife but that's part of her job.

She does needs a fenced yard in which she can patrol her property.

Unfortunately, her people can no longer care for her and are looking to find her forever home. Perhaps you would be a good match for this 8-year old Pyr (good possibility she is a mix).

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