16 January, 2014

Introducing Hera

For such a young girl, she has a very mature face.
Hera is, I think, about a year old, maybe a little younger judging by her very puppyish behaviour. Don has been kind enough to let us foster her, and Max, well, he's not happy about sharing Zeetie, but he'll be okay.

She is one of four dogs the dog rescue took in from BETA in Lebanon. This is at no cost to the dog rescue as BETA raises the funds to bring them over here.

She had been tied up on a 30cm rope, and 'people' poured hot coffee on her, said witnesses who called BETA to bring her in. For a dog who has been treated with such cruelty by 'people', she has a very sweet nature, and not a mean bone in her body. Unless, of course, the other dogs get near her food. She is no different from Zeetie, having always had to survive on their own. Frankly, why should dogs let other dogs eat, or get near their food? Someone tries to touch my food, they'll get forked.
She is probably just under a year old and weighs 50 pounds, so she isn't big. She will probably grow a little more judging by her paws and thickly boned legs. Being blind, she needs to be spoken to when being approached, and a hand put out so she can smell you. It's important to speak to her, even if she doesn't understand. Simply so she doesn't get startled by movements.

She climbs the stairs, and comes down them, with help. It won't be long before she is doing them on her own. She can do the few stairs outside fairly confidently now.

She is presently still having some anxiety until she adjusts to a whole new life in Canada. She barks when confused as to what is happening. She has the howl and purr of a husky.

We are working on her house training. She doesn't have any commands, yet, but I am working on them with her. The lucky family who adopts her will need some obedience classes with her.

She will pace circles out of anxiety and trying to figure out where she is going. This may comfort her because it is all she knows from being tied up on a short rope. The only place she had to go was in circles. I know this will be overcome with time, patience and love.

She is fairly good on a leash.

She loves attention, and to play with her toys, especially her ball. She has also discovered her squeaky toy, which seems to bring her joy and comfort.
She gets along well with Zeetie, until she tries to engage Zeetie in puppylike playing. Zeetie wants no part of it. However, Zeetie will rip around the yard with her.

She will make a family a wonderful companion. Children over 12 for this girl, please.

A fenced yard is a must for this pup.

More photographs of Hera can be seen in the right-hand column under 'Ziti, Max and Their Friends'.

Are you the family for sweet Hera?

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