23 December, 2013

Merry Christmas, My Big Boog

Until next time, Boogaloo.
Santa came and brought our Boogaloo his new family. It took eight months but it was worth every minute. Yes, we had concerns in the first while since Ziti is also dog reactive except she will fight. Max loved to be a party to this action. Boog just wanted to see them. We had to wait it out and be patient. We had to walk them separately. He has progressed so much and the work will continue with his new family. ʻGood things come to those who waitʾ. After his then potential adopter left our home from our meet and greet, we both looked at each other and said ʻsheʾs perfectʾ.

He has a huge home in which to ramble, many lovely walking areas, a family of four and two feline friends. As with any good Pyr, he is fine with the felines, although one of them is still trying to figure him out, one eye open.

As fosters, this is what we do. We save dogsʼ lives by giving them a home until they find their forever home. Tears are shed since it is a bittersweet parting but when you are absolutely certain it is a perfect match, then it's a slam dunk. And, so, Boog, we wish you and your new family a very Merry Christmas. It goes without saying, we will miss him. He had become a huge part of our family.

Our house is now strangely quiet. We will continue to foster for other rescues but a break is in order. Stay tuned for our next adventure as you are searching for your next companion through other rescues in the area. We may just have your perfect match.

Such a stunning boy.

We will miss you, Goob.


Jade Hill said...

Thank you for everything you did for and with him ;) He is a very special boy and I am so very happy to know that he now has a place to call home!

Donna said...

Thank you for all your help with him, Jade. He has come a long way. His new family fell in love with him at first sight even knowing his issues.