08 August, 2011

Max was found!!!!!

He was picked up an hour and a half after I lost him. He was picked up by by-law at the Connaught Rifle Range. Unfortunately, I hadn't been looking there at 8:30 a.m. but was still walking the trails.

He was pretty happy to see me when we picked him up at the Humane Society. Zeetie was thrilled. Now, they are both out chomping on meat bones.

Note that Balou, the Auzzie Shepherd, was also found! It's a really good day today, as another compassionate searcher, Terry, said to me after hearing about these sweeties being found!

Another huge thank you to those who know me and to those who don't know me who gave me so much suppport, and to those who came out to help look for Max. Thank you, thank you!!

You know. This is a HUGE relief!

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