26 May, 2010

A May Weekend

Tuesday, 26. May

What a better way to cool off than splashing around in the wading pool on a humid evening. Zeetie loves what was Ben's pool. She digs in the water instead of the garden and that's our aim. I put the blue ball in the pool and she dove for that. She would toss it out of the pool, jump after it and back into the pool with it.

Wednesday, 27. May

I'm learning more about separation anxiety. I have talked about it before. Once again, we were out of routine last evening, inconsiderate as we are. We went to see Manon at the NAC. The singing was fabulous even though Michael Schade's performance was distracting because he had to constantly refer to his line book for the words. I believe he'd had little time for rehearsals. He's a sought after singer.

We arrived home in the now cooler weather at about 10:30. Upon letting Zeetie out of her cage, she acted as though we'd been gone a week. Once outside, a neighbour was going by with her dog whom Zeetie already knows and has no problem with usually, except on this evening. She just went stupid with barking and sounded as though she would tear Gabby apart. I pulled her away and walked quickly around the corner. Then Trickster, who was still back visting Gabby, started barking. This set Zeetz off again. Then, she started jumping on me and whining and wrapping herself around me. I couldn't help but give her a hug and then on our way we went, avoiding anymore dog walkers. I overheard someone saying 'shut up' from their bedroom window.

I think next time we're out of routine, I'll get her settled in the house first and then take her out. That was a little too much action for me when all we wanted was a quiet walk around the block.

Thursday, 28. May

24-hours at our house without a Zeetie story would be...amazing, really. Kind of nice, in fact. I often think that we'll be sorry if she stops entertaining us but it's not entertainment when I'm sleeping, awake sometime in the night, and think, I should go downstairs because I sense something is awry. 'We' didn't put the gate up at the stairs. I go down and there she is at work on something. I pick it up in the dark and try to discern what exactly it is. The weight of it was too light to be Don's dress shoe, could have been one of mine, maybe it wasn't a shoe, it had a funny texture to it. I finally turned the light on and see my good cyling shoe had no toe in it. In exasperation, I just said, 'Oh, Zeetie', and herded her upstairs.

Then this morning, as neither of them had much to eat yesterday due to diarhhoea (it may be inflamed bowel but I'm waiting it out), a fight broke out. I think Trickster tried to defend his food but was no match for our little survivor. Zeetie usually doesn't bug Trickster and will wait nearby but I know they were both very hungry. I screamed at the top of my lungs (no need for it really but I felt better) and Zeetie came away. Don came down and put her in her crate and normalcy was restored.

So, Don asked me if I still wanted her. I explained we just had to be more careful considering she had also decrotched yet another pair of my underwear, as well, this morning. Someone hadn't closed the closet door where I secure the laundry basket from the fangs of Zeetz. We also hadn't put up the gate so she couldn't get downstairs at night that one night. That's when she got my shoe.

I finally took some photos of Zeeters playing with her very good buddy, Gus. They can play like this for ages. She had been playing without the leash on. They appeared to not be interested in playing anymore so I put her leash on to head home. Then, they went at it again. So, after that play and the two hour off-leash walk, she did squeak at midnight and a little chewing but did not wake me up at 5h15 but I had to get her up at 5h30 for our walk.

Monday, 31. May

We had a great two hour walk yesterday in the Farm. It wasn't enough to make her so tired in the evening walk that she didn't go right back at a dog who barked at her first. She ticks me off sometimes. That being said, we went to Ritchie Feed and Seed on the weekend where a dog yapped at her but she just looked and kept walking.

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