18 May, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon

Tuesday, 18. May

Last afternoon, her comes were good. However, on her last come, when she finally came, she came barrelling out, covered in what I'm pretty certain was human excrement by the look and smell. I know what rolling in dead animal smells and looks like from Clara's days and this was not it. I had to reach through her wet, brown coat to clip the leash on her collar. I got her home as best I could at leash length as we were followed by a hum of flies. Some children told me what a beautiful dog I had and wanted to pet her. Egads, 'No', I said, 'she just rolled in something very smelly.' They didn't understand. I think they thought she was just a brown dog.

We hosed her down and gave her three rounds of shampoo while wearing heavy rubber gloves. I love how dogs react after being washed down. She couldn't run around and go crazy as I walked her around the block but she was able to throw herself onto lawns along the way and slide, head first, giving appreciative audiences some entertainment.

I do apologize for not thinking of getting a photo of her in this condition but I'm sure you understand. I think I'll change her name to Clara II.

Thursday, 20. May

Zeetie seems to be in a no-sleep mode. I take her for a 45 minute walk off-leash (as always) in the morning and then at least an hour and sometimes two in the afternoon/evening and then Don walks her in between. That usually allows her to sleep through the night. Not these last few evenings. She squeaks for a bit and then passes out for 15 minutes and then is back at it. And then goes back to sleep until midnight and then finds things to chew on with me jumping out of bed to check as to what she is chewing. If it's not her toy, I replace it with a toy. Then, she is up and bouncing around just after 5:00 a.m. Clara was nocturnal, too, in her younger years but I don't think she fussed this much. Most Pyrs are, I think, as they are bred to guard at night. That all being said, unfortunately, during the week she gets to sleep during the day while we're busy at work. My little mushroom. We love her...mostly.

We have Trickster for three weeks starting yesterday. We're pretty happy.

Here, her little nose shows remnants of a digging escapade.

Monday, 24. May

Zeetie needs some downers. The addage of 'a well-exercised dog makes a good dog' has not panned out these last several days. I kept her awake most of Saturday and Sunday, which included good off leash walks, so she would sleep at night. My nephew also took for for a two hour walk with his friend along the river. I think Zeetz was being used as a 'chick magnet', but these guys weren't about to disclose anything to me. She did sleep but also barked and played. I felt so bad for her and Trickster today because it was 30 degrees plus humidity at 34 or 36. They hung out in the shady backyard and enjoyed a dog day afternoon while we gardened. It's hard to believe it's only May 24th and we are getting this humidity.

Now, at 8:30p.m., after a decent run about off leash, she is downstairs playing in her water dish (time for a proper dish holder) while trying to drown her bunny. Outside, she went after the neighour's dog but that was because she had a chewy. She also keeps barking in a most beligerent way. She may have to be banished to her crate tonight. I'm not sure how keeping her crated will go tonight but we'll soon find out. I have to say again that I certainly don't want to keep her crated at night as the norm because she is crated in the day during the week

She had a good time last evening at the park and went for a tear through the mud creek.

We were at the cottage yesterday where she was a very good girl. No fights with other dogs, she loved everyone and stuck around.

Tuesday, 25. May

She was good until midnight in her crate and then started a bark every five seconds. Don took her for a walk and then, she came upstairs to sleep with us. Once she had her snuggle, she settled down and slept. Finally.

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