09 June, 2014


The newest surrender turned out to be a Pyr/Golden cross whom I have renamed Smudge. He has a single dew claw per back leg, a lovely head and, at first glance, a beautiful personality. There, obviously, is a lot of stress once a dog is surrendered. Transferred from car to car, and from person to person. He was a good boy, though.

He comes from an abusive home where he was apparently kicked and punched. He had to fight another dog for his food, little water, never exercised or allowed outside. He was going to be dumped on a country road when a neighbour stepped up, took him in and contacted us.
He’s only a year old and seems to have taken his previous life in better stride than a full Pyr might. Some Pyrs don’t handle being treated badly very well and will become aggressive. Not Smudge. The cross might have saved him. Smudge is nervous when you approach him and will walk away, constantly looking back. He wants to trust but it will take some time and patience. He’s going to make someone a lovely companion because he really is a sweetheart.

He met Zeetie and bounced around, desperately wanting to play with her. Not for the short time you were here would that have ever happened, young man.

It was a very uneventful night. Smudge safely settled into Zeetie’s summer spot in the dining room. I pretended the couch in the living room was comfortable and had some sleep. Zeetie and Max were tucked away upstairs. I will make it my goal to sleep in my own bed for the next overnighter. The dogs aren't going to be any less stressed if I'm there with them.

He left in the morning on transport to Hillsburgh for the beginning of a life he deserves. First up on the agenda–the neuter. Once he's had a bath, a groom and a check-up, he'll go to his foster. They will then find out the true personality of Smudge so he can be matched to the right family.

If you are interested in adopting a Pyr, or even this boy, please contact us at:

Great Pyrenees Club of Southern Ontario-Adopt

A Pyr is not for everyone. Make sure you do your research on any breed that you decide to adopt.

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