04 May, 2014

Dinner Out Turned into Rock and Rescue

What started out as dinner turned into an evening of great fun with friends, meeting new people, listening to great music, and gaining some renewed faith in rescues. The cockles of my heart warmed as the evening went on, and I was over the moon by the end of it.

It was dinner at Greenfield's Pub in Barrhaven which is where the Rock and Rescue event was held. We went early to eat so we could opt to leave before it started.

I think I can speak for the ladies when I say that our hearts were well-warmed. It was a treat to go to a rescue fundraiser, sit back and enjoy the fruits of Ottawa Dog Rescue's labours. They did a fabulous job in organizing it, and I can see that they will need to move onto a larger venue next year.

I spoke with one of the organizers from Ottawa Dog Rescue, and asked her how they determined who would be the recipients of the proceeds. She said rescues have to apply to be recipients.They must meet strict criteria and, hence, Sit With Me, Ottawa Valley Mastiff Rescue, and Valley Animal Rescue are recipients of this year's proceeds. Only five applied and two did not meet the criteria. One of those was not a charity and, unfortunately, did not qualify for that reason.

Again, a fabulous evening and I stayed up well past my bedtime! Thank you, ladies and Ottawa Dog Rescue!

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