28 March, 2014

Look Who Came for a Sleepover!

Meet Angus (previously Buster but he is just too beautiful inside and out for that name), a diamond in the rough. I would say he is about five years old. It can be a hit and miss with Pyrs because if they aren't socialized properly, it can be a problem. However, Angus seems to be a huge sweetie and just gorgeous!  He has a lovely colour of eyes. I can't wait to see him in a few months. He will be an absolute stunner.

He was here for a sleepover before he made his trek to Guelph (Great Pyr Club of Southern Ontario is based there). This fella spent much of his life on the end of a chain outside and due to ill-health, the owner could no longer care for him. Once he gets to Guelph, he'll be neutered and checked out to make sure he is in good health.

I thought Wilson was in bad shape. Well, I don't think Angus has seen a brush or soap in awhile. He reeks, his coat is really matted, and his ears are infected. He was going berserk shaking his head and rubbing his head against the crate. He let me clean yellow liquid out of them and he settled down. I would have loved to clean him up but there was no time.

He was okay in the crate until bedtime. He couldn't settle and panted over the threshold. I tried sleeping on the couch with him on the end of a leash but he was as bad plus he kept trying to pee on everything. I gave in and tied him outside, and he settled right down, of course. That is all he knows. He slept on a bed I put out for him, but he ended up sleeping on the snow. He'll be fine to transition to the indoors once he is comfortable. It was all a very stressful time for this boy. He hasn't seen this much action in years.

Thankfully, he loves car rides. He doesn't know how to walk on a leash but with some time and work, he'll get there. I love this guy and Zeetie didn't even make that big a fuss. They were sniffing each other within minutes outside and she never reacted. She barked from a distance but her barking was more fear-based. Intact dogs seem to have that effecct on her and he never reacted to her. I think she was sweet on him.

His ears are infected but he let me clean them out as much as I could.

Pyrs are not for everyone. They bark, shed and dig holes in your garden. They are big. They need a fenced yard in which they can hang out and a single-family dwelling is a must due to the barking. They were bred to be guardian livestock dogs and, therefore, are independent thinkers—read don't listen well. They should remain on-leash when walked. They need regular grooming to keep their coats matt-free and nails, including dewclaws, trimmed. They do protect their families so all people must be introduced properly.

A huge thanks to Daniel and Chrystal for getting this boy to Guelph.

If you think a Pyr is the breed for you check out these big whites on the Great Pyr Club of Southern Ontario. See them on facebook, too. Angus will be available for adoption soon.

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