18 November, 2013

Mr. Boog Went on Vacation

He was gone for a week. I've always loved Keshet Kennels. A clean, bright, and well-run kennel with large eight-foot high and a foot and a half underground fenced-in paddocks. It is absolutely gorgeous. It suited this boy so well because he had so much space in which to run around. He was walked and played with by many different people and was immersed in dogs. They have their own stalls with concrete floors and ramps up to the sleeping area with a dog door to a run and then into a larger area as required. Absolutely amazing. And, they give you updates on how your dog is doing.

It's a kennel/rescue and they also do doggy daycare and rent their facilities to anyone to hold their events and rent their paddocks by the hour.

Mr. Wilson had a great time and he was in his element there, I think. He wanted to say hello to all his caregivers as we left.He cried as we drove away. He really is a big baby.

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