23 June, 2012

Labombard's Win

These pathetic 'people' received a slap on the wrist. They can have no more than three dogs in their name for the next two years. After that, because husband died, they need to have an income so they can continue with the puppy mill at that time. In the meantime, it's okay that any other dogs can be in their son's name. Go figure. What's interesting is that portions of this were not reported in the media, except Rogers who reported that the son could have dog's in his name.

All that time and effort of so many volunteers to look after these dogs for over three months, and all for what? These scared, malnourished, and sick dogs. Yes, they were all saved but now 500 and more will be back in the same horrendous conditions.

I'm not sure what is going on in Quebec or who knows what judges but it's certainly a backward province.

Please, spay and neuter your dogs. Never 'sell' or 'buy' dogs online. If you sell an unneutered/unspayed dog online, chances are it will end up in a puppy mill.

Make sure, if you must 'buy' a puppy, that you visit the breeder, see the house where the dogs live, talk to the people, ask questions, meet the parents of the puppies. They, too, should be asking you questions. They will follow-up to ensure you spay/neuter your dogs. That will be part of your non-breeding contract.

The best thing you can do is to adopt a rescued dog. There are many rescues out there including breed specific ones. Shelters all over the world are overflowing with dogs, many of whom are euthanized because they have no space left to care for them, nor the money.

Puppymill seizures are continuing in Quebec. The emergency shelter in Lachute and volunteers continue to look after dogs while courts decide their fate. With some luck, this ruling for the Labomards will set a precedence for the smaller puppymills to say that you cannot run a puppymill. Not all puppymills will have such a large family into which they can continue putting the dog's names if they are busted.

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