30 April, 2012

Comfort in Her Frog

She loves her frogs. They bring her much squeaky comfort.
I'm always trying to figure out what calms, and what excites our little miss. I do know the mornings and evenings are the most relaxing times for her. This is when she almost meanders on our walks, while leashed, of course. Occasionally, like last evening as garbages bins were out, she sensed something that bothered her. She stood low, head and neck out, as she barked at the unknown object. Perhaps it had a smell she didn't know. Most passersby would think she could have seen it, and laughed that she would bark at a bin. I went over to the object, put my hand on it, and tapped it. She comes over cautiously, smells my hand, and jumps in happiness. She started stepping onto the recycle bin, playing with me.

I am really attuned to noises that bother her like sirens, vehicles pulling noisy trailers, helicopters, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers, chain saws, and the list goes on. Some things I cannot hear that she hears. I become a little agitated, as well, as I hope the noise stops so Hera can relax.

We went to our usual fenced-in area for a walk recently. Max and Zeetie go hog hunting. Hera is most excited as she pulls me along. Partially, because the other two are in front, and partially from the fresh smells. We get into the enclosure, and close the gate. Hera gets us at a weak moment and pulls free. At last, instead of circling large circles, she 'trundle gallops' off after the other two, and hangs around at the groundhog hole with them. This departure from circling was really nice to see. Not sure what they are doing, she heads off, again. Don gets her, and we keep her secure in hand. She has little recall, yet.

Heading back, while the other two are behind, it's a lovely, quiet walk back to the car. You cannot imagine how lovely this is, when she is so serene-like.

I do know Zeetie and Hera have not played in awhile. Hera tries to engage Zeetie but Zeetie isn't having it. There have been too many scuffles for Zeetie to bother with her. Then there was the scuffle at 3:00 a.m. Hera seems to wake up about then, at which point I take her out to pee. Before I could get out of bed, with Zeetie on the bed, Hera meandered past Zeetie, probably put her face near Zeetie's, and away they went. I think Zeetie thought Hera was going to try to get on the bed, and in Zeetie's world, this will never happen. Well awake, now, I pulled Zeetie off while Don pulled Hera away. Nothing like a ruckus to bring us out of a dream world.

Then Zeetie got back into bed on Don's side, looking at me as Don petted her, as if to say, this is my bed, and poor me, blink blink. And, Hera was almost relegated to the crate but I stepped up for her. Once I took her out for her pee, she came back up, had a zoomie with her frog, and then passed out.

 Food smells continue to make her crazy, but sometimes now, she will even settle a bit during those times. We still cheat when we are tired after a day of physical labour, like last evening, and put her in the car while we prepare, then eat dinner. Barking and dog altercations are just too much for everyone, sometimes. She sleeps well, and we eat well.

As for Max, he will never like her. Hera knows this, and is doing well considering she has to live with two possessive room mates for the moment. She is a sweetie, and would love more human playtime with her toys. She does like when you putter in the kitchen (little food smell for this) as she lies on the floor, and plays with her toys. I sat outside with her last night on the step where she squeaked up a storm with her frog. Such simple and quiet activity with her humans is what seems to make her happy.

She is doing well in having to work through a sordid past. Sometimes we don't think so when she barks and spins during food preparation or an unseen or unheard noise, but she is progressing. She will be happy to move out, I think.


Mel said...

You definitely have your hands full!

I recognize the blink blink blink. Wookie does that when one of the fosters steals his couch spot or his chair. Woe is me.

Donna said...

Love that blink, blink. The look of a most unappreciated, hard done by dog : )

She is going into, I think, the best home she can have.