03 August, 2011

11.8 TLI reading. How great is that!

All my research and gut feelings were right. Max has returned to normal. I think it was simply a pancreas (?) breakdown from the stress of travel, new country and new family. I had him on enzymes which seemed to firm his poop up for awhile and allow him to put weight on. Perhaps both the enzymes and raw diet also helped stimulate the possible breakdown he was having in his pancreas.

I had him retested and 11.8 was his reading. YES. She also tested him for Addisons and SIBO. That was all clear, too. No more enzymes (he was having poops lately, I'm assuming from too many enzymes). I am thrilled and it's easy to tell Max is feeling well, again. He and Zeetz are back to goofing around, Max loves to be with us and shows an interest in everything.
Cooling off in the lake
I'll try Max in a lifejacket next time.
Zeetie loves children

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