07 February, 2011

Slightly Optimistic

I spoke with a trainer who specializes in dogs like little Zeetz. After speaking with her, there is hope. I'm not counting my chickens yet, however. We'll have a few sessions and then I'll have tools with which to work. I'm told it will take anywhere from three to six months. As long as there is progress, I'll be happy.

Thankfully, training doesn't include Cesar Milan style training, for which I would not have gone.

We tried the muzzle on the weekend and that seemed to make things worse for her. She was growling as soon as she saw the other dog. Normally, she would look at it and I could then distract her but not in this case.

I did go to the dog park Friday afternoon to see Zeetie in action but I was too late. It turns out she was acting the same way that day as she had been with the other dogs at our dog park. I've cancelled her dog walking for now until I get this straightened out.

Here's to Wednesay evening! Cross your fingers for me.

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