17 February, 2011

Getting it Right

I feel comfortable walking Zeetie now and keep hoping we meet up with dogs. I'll start taking her back to the dog park and using the tools I have learned to have Zeetie trust me. We even went into the pet store where the girl working there has a dog who is now afraid of other dogs as she was attacked. We both walked around the store and had them get used to each other. Unfortunately, the girl had to work so we couldn't continue.

In our last of two sessions last evening, we worked with Zeetie and Viola's Shilo Shepherd. Using Lynn's technique of keeping Zeetie's attention to me and using the gentle leader when required, Zeetie was an excellent student. We then walked up to the dog park but there were only two other dogs, one of whom was Zeetie's friend.

What it comes down to is having Zeetie listen to me no matter what she is doing. We have our work cut out for us but I know we shall succeeed.

It's me who has to work on my training techniques, of course. A dog came barrelling at Zeetie before our session to have a go at her. Rather than me protect her from the dog, I turned to make Zeetie sit and the dog got a nip in. I feel bad about that. I had done it correctly on the puppy walk earlier and directed a dog away from her. So soon forgotten. I'll get it right consistently yet, Zeetz.

Yah, Zeetz, my sweet little mushroom.

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