26 January, 2011

What is Happening to Zeetie?

She looks like an angel

It seems since Tobytwo has gone to his new home, Zeetie has been getting herself into trouble in the house. She has always jumped up to get, specifically, butter off the counter and even bread if we are daft enough to leave it out but now she is doing things she hasn't done before. She has been jumping up to get things off the table upstairs and chewing the stuff out of it until it's barely recognizable. Picture frames and camera lenses are a start. The really strange thing is she just started chewing on the wood on the antique furniture. She has never done that before.

I make sure she gets enough exercise but obviously she needs more. She plays crazy at the dog park and runs. She gets out for a half hour or so in the morning to run. She gets out at noon. And, an hour to an hour and a half in the evening. I can't read her mind but I believe she acted out when Toby one left and now it seems the same thing with Toby two.

She has acted out to spite her herself because she has been relegated behind bars, once again, in the kitchen. A more permanent playmate might be part of the solution.

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