30 August, 2010

Not a Toby Fan

Toby, the big Lab and I'm sure he is crossed with Dane, came to visit at the cottage. I thought Zeetie had met him before, absolutely positive, but when he arrived at the cottage, she went at him. We then went for the proverbial walk to the point where they went off leash and there was no problem although there was absolutely no interest on Toby's part in her. But, back at the cottage, it was her territory and she wasn't happy with him being there.

I can't figure out what the problem is because she is fine with other dogs she has met who come onto her territory.

It must be something to do with Toby not engaging with her at all.

She also met the neighbour's pup, Mowgli, a big 7-month old husky mix. He is a shelter pup. We went walking on leash and soon, they were playing off leash. I know that if Mowgli were to come onto her property, all would be fine.

She spent a lot of time playing with Murphy, the 13-week old retriever/lab pup. She was so gentle with him, falling over herself not to step on him.

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