Would you like to help shut down puppy mills?

I highly recommend PAWS. You can email them at to find out how you can help!

Puppymills are the places where people make money off dogs. They breed these dogs forcefully until they no longer produce. At that point, they throw them out back to die. Some are lucky and are saved by rescues.

PAWS was started in order to raise awareness about these horrendous factories where dogs are barely fed or watered, get little or usually no vet care, their paws have to endure wire day in and day out, they live in their own feces and urine and they never see the light of day nor have human interaction.

Many breeding dogs are obtained off on-line ads when people advertise their free unneutered or unspayed dogs for free because they don't have time for them anymore. Or, they are stolen and dogs are sentenced to life in these mills.

PAWS would love to have you join their team to help raise awareness.  Please email

or, visit them on face book at Puppymill Awareness Working Solutions.
or their website PAWS

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